College of Educational Science and Technology College of Chemistry and Materials Sciences
Tian Jiabing Educational College College of Geosciences
School of Economics College of Tourism
College of Chinese Language and Literature College of Life Sciences
College of Communication College of Software
School of Sociology and History College of Science and Technology
School of Law Training Center for Programmers and Software Engineers
College of Public Administration College of Military Studies
College of Foreign Languages International College of Chinese Studies
Music Institute Preparatory College for Studying Abroad
Art Institute College of Continuing Education
College of Physical Education and Sports Science College of On-Line Education
College of Mathematics and Computer Science Concord University College
College of Physics and OptoElectronic-Infomational Technology Minnan College of Science and Technology
Office of the University CCP Committee (Office of Reform and Development) Trade Union
Commission for Discipline Inspection (Department of Supervision, Department of Audit Practices) Office of International Cooperation and Exchange
Department of Publicity £®Office for Cultural Civilization£© Office of the Dean of Studies
Military and Defense Department Office of Graduate School
Department of Retirement Affairs Financial Department